Virtual Care

Is Virtual Care (Telerehabilitation) right for me?

Virtual Care (Telerehabilitation) is appropriate for anyone unable to make it in person to see a healthcare professional. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Those unable to leave their home due to an illness
  • Individuals with mobility issues, making it challenging to travel
  • Working professionals unable to leave their job 
  • Rural community residents without access to specific care
  • Busy parents unable to find childcare
  • Any other reason keeping you from making it to the clinic (i.e. automobile issues, poor weather, caregiver responsibilities, etc.)

What services are offered via Virtual Care (Telerehabilitation)?
We are happy to say that we can offer most services found typically in our physical location:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pre/post-operative Rehabilitation
  • Concussion Management
  • Individualized Exercise Prescription
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

What do I need for a Virtual Care (Telerehabilitation) appointment?
It’s easy! You will need the following to ensure an effective session:

  • High speed internet connection
  • Up-to-date smart device (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, etc.)
  • Operational camera & microphone
  • Well-lit, open area for your session to take place

How can I book a Virtual Care (Telerehabilitation) appointment?

  1. Find your therapist’s email address on their profile page and contact them directly. They will respond to you within 24 hours.
  2. Set up an appointment with your therapist and confirm which teleconference software you will be using (most therapists prefer Zoom).
  3. Complete intake & consent forms prior to appointment. They will be sent to you upon booking confirmation. Your credit card information will be required, however, will not be charged until after the session.
  4. Get ready for your appointment with your therapist! Please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing & that your environment is clear of distractions. Give yourself extra time before & after to deal with any technical issues, should they arise.

Is Virtual Care (Telerehabilitation) covered by my insurance provider?

We can confirm that the Canada Life Assurance Company (previously Great-West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company, and The Canada Life Assurance Company) do cover Virtual Care (Telerehabilitation) services. However, other companies might be different and we encourage you to confirm with your own provider prior to your session.

Will you directly bill my insurance provider?

We can! We wish to make this experience as easy and pleasant as possible for you. We can also provide a detailed invoice of each session upon request.

Who should I book with?

If you have not been referred to a specific therapist, we encourage you to read through our therapists’ biographies to see which one may be the best fit for you. Each of our therapists are unique and come from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, expertise and interests. If you are not sure if someone is right for you, please ask for a complimentary brief interview from a therapist to ensure that they can help you.

Please note that we can only accept residents of British Columbia as our college restricts any treatments outside of our province (and country for that matter!)

What if after I connect with a therapist, we discover Virtual Care (Telerehabilitation) is not right for me?

Not to worry! We are still here for you. If Virtual Care (Telerehabilitation) is not appropriate, our therapist will ensure what your next steps should be.