Ski Performance: Strength, Conditioning, and Injury Prevention

We are excited to announce our new program, “Ski Performance: Strength, Conditioning, and Injury Prevention”.  This service is offered at all of our Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic Physiotherapy locations, designed by our Registered Kinesiologist with input from our Physiotherapists.

Evidence shows that specific exercise programs focused on injury prevention techniques and functional ski movement patterns are effective in reducing the frequency of ski injuries (Koehle et al, 2002). Our program is designed to enhance your skiing performance, reduce risk of injuries, and help you enjoy a long ski season.

(Koehle, M. S., Lloyd-Smith, R., & Taunton, J. E. (2002). Alpine ski injuries and their prevention. Adis International.

What to expect:

The 6 session program + follow-up includes:

  • Initial assessment of ski experience and goals, outcome measurements, and an assessment of your risk factors for injury.
  • Muscle strength, stability, force absorption, and plyometrics training to address risk factors.
  • Open discussions and handouts on ways to reduce common ski injuries, manage fatigue, and take care of your gear.
  • Personalized home exercise programs to prepare for the season, or to be completed concurrently with your skiing days.
  • 2 to 3-month follow-up session reassessing your outcome measurements and goals.

Whether your goals are performance-based, or simply trying to stay healthy this ski season, our Kinesiologists can provide various program options customized to your individual goals!