Daana Esfandiarpour

at our Plaza of Nations Location | Registered Physiotherapist

Daana Esfandiarpour


  • PHD in Physiotherapy
  • Postdoctoral in Sports Injuries

Professional Interest:

Daana has special interest in Orthopedics Disorders and Sports Injuries including ACL Injury, Anterior Knee Pain, Knee OA, Ankle and Shoulder Instability, Chronic Neck Pain, and Whiplash Associated Disorders

Clinical & Academic Experience:

Daana has been teaching and supervising MSc and Ph.D. students in physiotherapy for over 10 years.

She also has more than 8 years of clinical experience in physiotherapy and sports medicine

She has numerous publications related to ACL injury, Anterior Knee Pain, Chronic Neck Pain, Knee OA, Ankle Instability, etc


Personal Sport Background:

Basketball, Mountain Climbing, Cycling, and Hiking